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The Founders of The Best Gluten Free Recipes from left to right: Conrad Dekker - Brandon Schmid - Guy Gagnon

The Founders of The Best Gluten Free Recipes from left to right: Conrad DekkerBrandon SchmidGuy Gagnon

“It has been said that it takes a team of experts to build a dream.”

Our motto is to find the best, most experienced experts to provide solutions to your questions about gluten. Your gluten free lifestyle can be attributed to our extensive expertise and concise and innovative thinking. We have enlisted the help of expert nutritionists, doctors and chefs to provide solutions for our readers in a direct at concise manner. We want to provide you with the best gluten free recipes and information that can have a lasting impact on your life!

The Best Gluten Free Recipes consists of experts who range in a variety of markets and are true professionals in what they do. Our experts have:

  • Many technical or educational papers published, including industry leading journals and/or cookbooks in their respective fields.
  • Industry Groups Participation—including local and international contribution.
  • Acclaimed Product Recognition—They won’t sell their name to just anything. They promote what they believe in and know what will and will not work for you.
  • Industry Recognition—Many of our experts have been recognized for their work with numerous awards including educational and professional achievements.
  • Years of expertise—The Best Gluten Free Recipes will not hire an expert who does not have experience or a vast knowledge in their respective industry.

The Best Gluten Free Recipes Experts:

  • Chef Liz Scott
  • Shannon Clark
  • Bonita Coleman
  • Chef Binte Rizi
  • Julie Christensen
  • Chef Amanda Ashley
  • Dr. Sujoya Sukul
  • Dr. Lou Granirer
  • Kathleen McGrath, MSc, BA
  • Katherine Parent RNCP, CNP, NWS

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