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From the desk of Brandon Schmid - Founder of

Dear gluten-free friend,

My name is Brandon, I'm the co-founder of and some people know me as the gluten-free daddy.

Today, our site is one of the fastest growing gluten-free recipe communities on the Internet with over 30, 000 visits each month and over 60,000 fans on our Facebook page coming from almost every country in the world.

Our team, along with 5 gluten-free Chefs have created numerous gluten-free cookbooks which have gone on to sell around the world. We've even had to ship some orders more than 8,700 miles away!

Can I Ever Eat Baked Goods Again?

You may not know it but I'm a lot like you.

I'm married, I work, I have a son and I'm VERY BUSY.

Aren't we all busy?

A few months ago my wife and I discovered that our son is gluten intolerant. This wasn't a huge surprise as my wife is also sensitive to gluten.

It was a relief to find out what the problem was with my son but it also meant that my life had changed forever.

Having a wife and son that are both sensitive to gluten meant that I need to cook gluten-free for the rest of my life.

Learning to cook gluten-free wasn't the problem. I had hired some chefs and got them to create me some cookbooks. That's how the original website was born.

The real problem was my inability to cook baked goods. I mean, everything I made turned out either very dense or crumbly.

You and I both know that cooking successful baked goods isn't easy.

But it's a real pain when you now throw in the fact that they also have to be gluten-free.

When I first started out cooking gluten-free none of my baking was successful. Because of that I was forced to either find new recipes or substitute ingredients to make them work.

I had NO idea how to properly substitute ingredients nor how to make a successful batch of gluten-free brownies or cake.

Frustrating to say the least!

If you are like most people you want gluten-free baking recipes that are easy to make and have a high success rate.

We have cookbooks for you that solve that problem.

But what if there was a way to ALSO be able to use any recipe you ever find?

Call it like a secret weapon.

Something that nobody else has.

We might have just the thing for you.

More on that soon...

Aren't You Sick Of the Uncertainty That Comes From Learning How to Bake Gluten-Free?

Do any of these sound familiar?

1: I used to believe that cooking gluten-free meals meant I was reduced to eating boring, plain and tasteless meals.

2: If I managed to come up with a great baking meal I had to be sure it was going to be successful, and if it wasn't I had to come up with alterations to make it work. Even though I'm not a chef!

3. I would make substitutions and the recipes rarely turned out right because I'm not a Chef and I didn't always know how to use different ingredients correctly.

4. I would get very frustrated because I felt like I was cooking to meet everybody else's needs and all I wanted to do is keep everybody happy, healthy and full.

5. I was convinced that no matter how good the product looks my version will never turn out as good or tasty as the non-gluten version.

The Day I Began To Follow Chef-Created Gluten-Free Baking Recipes Was The Day It All Changed...

...and to be honest, getting our secret weapon developed was a game-changer as well.

In order to put together I had to work with several different chefs as well as a naturopathic doctor and a nutritionist.

These people are the power behind the site and do all of the recipe creation and meal planning.

It was great because I had access to all of these recipes but oddly enough I was still creating my own meals at home.

That's when it hit me...

I figured I couldn't be the only person that needed gluten-free baking recipes that are easy to make.

So I asked one of my top chefs if it was possible to create a gluten-free cookbook that was also focused on easy baking recipes.

Not only did she say YES! but she also commented on how many of her clients have also requested this.

That's when I knew I was on to something.

Imagine Having A Chef-Created Gluten-Free Baking Cookbook That Focuses On Easy Cooking

Most people that work in the gluten-free industry are people just like me.

They most likely have Gluten Intolerance themselves or they have a family member that has it.

So they go out and create a website, offer some of their own recipes and talk about their experience.

...and there's nothing wrong with that.

However, following their recipes won't necessarily get you the best results.

I'm not saying it's everybody in the industry, but most people are creating recipes that work for them

And because they aren't professional chefs they don't know how to create recipes that work for specific conditions outside their own needs

With the gluten-free baking cookbook you can cook with confidence knowing that the entire program was put together by professional chefs

Here's who worked on the program:

Gluten-Free Chef - Liz Scott

Chef Liz Scott is a professional chef that graduated from the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City. She is an award-winning author of seven books on healthy cooking and eating including "The Idiot's Guide To Digestive Health".

Chef Liz specializes in recipe creation and menu development for specialty diets such as gluten-free, sugar free and dairy-free. Chef Liz is the lead recipe creator for this series.

Gluten-Free Chef - Amanda Ashley

Chef Amanda Ashley is a culinary graduate from the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT. She studies special diets such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, Paleo and vegan.

Amanda has over 20 years of professional experience with food and cooking by working as a Chef in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

End the frustration that comes from cooking dense or unsuccessful baked goods. Enjoy this Gluten-Free Pancake recipe from the baking series.

Don't you just want to cook meals that your spouse also likes? With over 100 specific gluten-free baking recipes you'll never have to worry about keeping your man or woman happy again!

Increase your energy and rejuvenate your body with chef-created recipes that properly load your body with the RIGHT nutrients at the right time. This Nutty Granola Bar recipe is perfect for a nutritious snack.

Start enjoying cooking again by having more time available to actually cook. Don't waste another second trying to figure out alterations and/or substitutions just to make a recipe work. You'll love Homemade Meatloaf for you and your family!

Find all the ingredients to this Potato Leek and Carrot Soup recipe in your local grocery store. Never again be stuck looking for ingredients that are impossible to find!

Save 10 minutes a day by avoiding the hassle of searching for recipes that actually meet your baking needs. This is extra time that could be spent with the kids or relaxing!

Do you think cooking gluten-free meals means spending hours in the kitchen? Try making this scrumptious Smoothie recipes. Full prep + cook time = 5 min!

Start cooking meals that taste as if they aren't even gluten-free. These incredibility tasty Zesty Fajita recipe would be the hit at any party or family function.

Here Are The Main Benefits Of The Gluten-Free Baking Cookbook:

- The program is created by real, professional chefs that specialize in custom recipe development.

- Reduce your confusion and uncertainty by not having to substitute ingredients just to make it successful.

- Save time by not having to create and or figure out your own meals.

- Reduce stress by avoiding the headache of deciding what meals to cook each day.

- Eliminate stress by cooking excellent meals that the whole family will enjoy and that meet the needs of everyone.

- Get back control of your life with an easy-to-follow cookbook that gives you back your power in the kitchen.

Cook Meals That Your Significant Other Will Love!

So, you're the one that's gluten-free right? Your husband/wife/partner didn't choose to eat gluten-free but now they find themselves having to eat what you're eating. Do they complain a lot about it? Is it hard to keep them happy?

Stop the embarrassment that comes from serving meals you know they'll hate and stop cooking a secondary meal just for them. With the gluten-free baking series you can cook meals that they will actually get excited about! Be proud of what you put on the table and restore your confidence when you see the smile on their face.

Leave Your Family Drooling Over Your Food And Begging For Seconds

Isn't it hard to keep the family happy sometimes? It can be especially hard to keep them happy if they aren't even the ones that are gluten-free. Let go of the guilt and start to feel proud of what you put on the table. With The Best Gluten-Free Recipe Series you have so many family-friendly recipes to choose from that you'll leave them begging for more.

Easy As...Pie!

Cooking gluten-free meals doesn't mean that you have to serve a death-sentence in the kitchen. If you are cooking meals that are overcomplicated and take forever then you're DOING IT WRONG! With our properly designed, chef-created recipes you'll never be stuck in the kitchen for long. In fact, we have 2 entire cookbooks that are dedicated to showing you how to create fantastic meals quickly. And of course, cooking meals quickly doesn't mean you sacrifice taste.

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I know I'm new to you and you've probably just discovered You've probably also just started with the FREE 7-day meal plan.

I want to make a lasting impression in your life and I also wanted to say thanks for giving the meal plan a try.

I know it takes a certain amount of trust for you to open my emails and read them....You're on this page because you read an email and clicked the link...

Because of this I want to make a special offer for you.

You already passed up on our 6-cookbook series. That was a one-time offer and I need to stick to that to be fair to those who took me up on that offer.

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...and I want to make a new offer for you.

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That's only 1 less book than our one-time offer but still 5x cheaper than if you were to buy each book separately.

Here's What's Included In The Best Gluten-Free Recipe Series:

The Complete Gluten-Free Recipe Series Cookbook - Over 600 Total Recipes, 731 Pages (Print & Digital - $39.95/value)

We took our top 5 cookbooks and wrapped them up in this complete series cookbook. Available in both digital and print The Best Gluten-Free Recipe Series Cookbook is your one stop for all the recipes and information you need to cook gluten-free meals that taste better than the original!

In addition to the recipes there is also over 100 pages of information that will help you become a gluten-free master. The topics include:

- Tips & tricks for preparing quick meals
- How to set-up your kitchen to avoid cross-contamination
- Tips & tricks for how to lose weight while staying gluten-free
- Making gluten-free kid-friendly recipes
...and so much more!

In Addition To The Complete Gluten-Free Recipe Series Cookbook You Also Get Access To The Individual Digital Version Of Each Book:

The Best Gluten-Free Weight-Loss Recipes - 100+ Recipes (Digital - $14.95/value)

Looking to shed a few pounds while staying gluten-free? We've got you covered. In this 100 recipe cookbook enjoy recipes that are low-carb, high in protein and designed to help you shed those unwanted pounds while staying gluten-free.

- Discover the tips and secrets to gluten-free weight-loss in the Best Gluten-Free Diet Guide

- Don't know what to make. Don't worry! We've got you covered with a 30-day meal plan included

The Best Gluten-Free Baking Recipes - 100+ Recipes (Digital - $14.95/value)

We all miss our breads don't we? Well now you can have it back and much more with over 100 gluten-free baking recipes that are designed to ignite your taste buds. Enjoy all of your popular foods again such as: pizza dough, breads, cakes, pastries, cookies and more. Don't settle for flat, dense baked goods anymore!

- Learn how to avoid cross-contamination and all the tricks with our guide: "Tips for setting up your kitchen correctly"

The Best Gluten-Free Budget Recipes - 60+ Recipes (Digital - $14.95/value)

Is money a little tight? Going gluten-free can be expensive on it's own, you don't need to add on top of that recipes that cost a lot to make. The gluten-free budget series is perfect for those looking to cook gluten-free while being easy on their hard-earned money.

- Get some extra tips and insights on how to save money with our small book: "The Ultimate Gluten-Free Guide"

The Best Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Recipes - 100+ Recipes (Digital - $14.95/value)

This is the digital version of the best gluten-free/dairy-free recipe cookbook. If you are looking specifically for dairy-free recipes then this cookbook is your go-to guide to complement the main recipe series cookbook. Enjoy breakfast, lunch dinner and dessert recipes that are dairy-free but not taste-free!

Easy Gluten-Free Recipes - 200+ Recipes (Digital - $14.95/value)

This is our first and biggest cookbook. Going gluten-free doesn't mean you have to cook complicated meals just to have something decent to eat. Now you can cook meals that will surprise your taste buds and surprise yourself in how easy they are to make.

- Get bonus tips and tricks on all things gluten-free with our book: "The Best Gluten-Free Success Guide"

Bonus (The Secret Weapon) - The Gluten-Free Substitution Chart ($14.95/value)

Tired of guessing or trying to figure out what ingredients to substitute? Many of us have very specific dietary needs and it's hard for a recipe book to be able to cover all of your needs specifically. That's why we've developed the gluten-free substitution chart.

In this chart you will find a list of the most popular substitutions for the most common allergies: wheat, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs and sugar. In each allergy category is a list of the most popular ingredients that you can use for substitutions. If you find a recipe that has an ingredient that you need to substitute you simply find that ingredient in the chart and refer to the substitution.

Each substitution is accompanied by a link to where you can purchase the product online. This is fantastic option for people that don't live in North America or find it hard to find certain ingredients locally.

Developed by a certified Chef, the gluten-free substitution chart is the ideal solution to accompany our recipe series to ensure that you are able to get the most possible use out of each recipe. In fact, we encourage you to read our "Use Every Recipe" guarantee below which states that you'll be able to use each and every recipe in the series.

5 Books Wrapped Into 1 To Save You Money!

As I said before, I'm doing this crazy offer as a way to say thanks for staying engaged and clicking on the links in my emails. One other reason I'm able to offer you this package is because we've done some work to make it cheaper.

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A Custom Recipe Book Can Cost You Hundreds

Have you ever called up a chef and asked how much it would be to create a custom recipe book just for your needs? I have and I can tell you exactly how much it costs - Between $600-$800 for 100 recipes.

When we first found out that our son was gluten intolerant we went to a nutritionist and got a custom meal plan created. The meal plan had with it about 30 recipes along with some other stuff. The cost of that meal plan was $250.

Before I stated this website I worked with several chefs to create some recipes for myself and my family. The cost per recipe was about $8. So, you can see that if you went out there and tried to get your own custom recipe book created it would cost you a fair amount of money.

And I don't want you to have to spend that kind of money.

With The Best Gluten-Free Complete Cookbook Package accompanied with the gluten-free substitution matrix you're getting the closest thing to custom without having to pay the outrageous price. In fact, you are paying about 10x less than what I paid when I first started.

What Would It Cost You If You Paid For Everything Separately?

The Complete Gluten-Free Recipe Series (Print) $39.95

Book #1 - Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Recipes (digital) $14.95

Book #2 - Gluten-Free Budget Recipes (digital) $14.95

Book #3 - Gluten-Free Baking Recipes (digital) $14.95

Book #4 - Gluten-Free Diet Recipes (digital) $14.95

Book #5 - Easy Gluten-Free Recipes (digital) $14.95

Bonus - The Substitution Matrix (digital) $14.95

Total $129.65

Times are tough. With 1 kid under 3 and a second just born, I do truly get that. I also get that it costs more money just to go gluten-free in the first place. I don't know of many people that have an extra $600 lying around to pay for custom recipes.

As you can see above, it would cost you over $129 if you bought everything separately. In fact, you could head over to our store on our main website right now and see what the full prices. Some of the books above aren't even available yet as separate items.

As I said before, I wanted to offer you a big discount as a way to say thanks for trusting us enough to enter in your email address. What I also need are some people to go through the complete series and offer some feedback to us. This is a new offer so we need some people to tell us what they think about it. That's why if you order right now you can Get The Entire Series For Just $29.95!

Our "Use Every Recipe" Guarantee

In the sections above I told you about the substitution chart. With this chart you are able to substitute almost any ingredient that doesn't work for you. There are several different ingredient recommendations for each item which gives you the power of many substitution choices.

It's because of this chart that we've come up with our "use every recipe" guarantee and here it is: "If you have any of the 6 most common food allergies (dairy, wheat, nuts, soy, eggs or sugar) and you use the matrix as instructed we guarantee that you will be able to use every recipe in this series no matter where in the world you live. If you find a recipe that you can't use simply request a refund and you'll get your money back."

Don't Get Stuck Paying Full-Price For Each Book Separately

But if you're still reading these words then chances are you're interested.

I have a idea. Why don't you go ahead and order your copy right now. Take a look through it. See if its something that you want to keep. With our "use every recipe" guarantee you're covered should you decided it isn't for you.

You need to act now if you want in though...

Never Again Be Stuck Trying To Force Gluten-Free Baking Recipes To Work!

Save your time, substitute your ingredients faster and reduce your frustration when it comes to cooking gluten-free baking meals. Have confidence in your meals knowing all the recipes have been created by professional chefs.

Enjoy an entire cookbook that is dedicated to gluten-free baking meals. Never again get bored with the total of 600+ recipes that are included in this package.

Quickly and easily substitute any ingredient using the secret weapon which will allow you to make any one of the recipes custom to your needs.

The total package would individually cost a total of $129.65 but because I'm saying thanks and I need customer feedback you can get it right now for only $29.95 which is a savings of 70%!

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This is Brandon and I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to give this a read through. I have no doubt that you'll enjoy the series and it will save you tons of frustration, time and money.

- Brandon Schmid

P.S. You know that most of us don't have the expertise to properly substitute ingredients to make ordinary gluten-free meals work for our baking needs. Do you really want to go back to the life of guessing and "trying" to make other recipes work?

Remember, you have the full-version baking book as well as the substitution matrix. With over 600 recipes and your "secret weapon" you can cook literally hundreds of meals that your family with absolutely love. And with the "use every recipe" guarantee you're covered should you decide the series won't work for you. Don't close this page and go back to your old life. Order right now to lock in the 66-74% discount.

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